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Hi all, again Marge, could remember my short stories about my tenant Derek, that ' s a man of the house. ' Well, if I'm going to summarize. My name is Marge, and I'm 71, Derek was my gardener, but it became my tenant in the last year and have enjoyed is a great sex life, Derek is not in the forties of the way. wheezing last \\ \\ n Derek is that he bought a video camera, and keeps me around hunt with him trying to make me attracted to the film, I wanted our humoron film sex, but was reluctant to ... However, I finally gave in last night. This evening the two huddled in our own home to watch film together, was the first time I ever saw on film, and I was a little embarrassing .. 'Do not be ashamed,' said Derek, 'that sweet ' and with that he put his arm around me. in the first bit I was walking around the room in just my bra and pantybriefs, then I in my pink nightgown humoron lovely. Derek places the camera in the bottom of the bed, and we both soon was playing in.. Reks great big penis, it looked even larger on the screen and I sucked... In the next scene, made his things go around the chest. Then I have a couple posing as a model, I could not believe what I was shameless. Derek asked me to get into all sorts of positions and spread my legs and opened even my ​​private parts.. Then I had to bend down and blushed as bright as the beet as I saw on the screen after the declaration of Derek in the back of my spread cheeks. ' You have a humoron beautiful little ass outside,' Derek said as he smiled at my blush. I remembered what followed, and I must admit, that inspires me to see Derek 's penis goes in out of my pussy while I was on my side. in the next scene, Derek took a large spoonful of KY jelly on his finger humoron and put it in my ass, then I stood in front of the camera was humoron sitting on a big monster of his contract... It was an amazing show, and I could not believe it could be my lazy poor agreement. 'This is Marge, you really take the way in.. Good girl, 'Derek said I moaned in pleasure and pain. Then Derek leaned over me, ' Get ready Marge, I'll take you to the moon, ' he said, and I watched the screen as you penis disappeared all in my ass. It was certainly an exciting film debut.
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